• marilyn heeringa- image


    • Detox Specialist: From Grand Rapids but loves to travel (with over 7 years of spa experience)

    • Health Care:Many years in this field as a care giver

    The Ionic Detox Foot Spa was the original  focus of my work with people and I feel as if I have found my calling. I was passionate about the results people were receiving and you can read about that in their testimonies.  I have been pampering people for years first as health care giver and then as the owner and innkeeper of an elegant bed and breakfast which also had a day spa. Now I am focusing solely on helping people embrace a healthy lifestyle. I prefer that you call me regarding appointments; it’s more personal. Please call me at 616-363-9113.

  • sharon verburg - image


    • Detox Specialist: From Grand Rapids but loves to travel (with over 7 years of spa experience)

    • Holistic Health Care:Specialist in herbs and holistic healingr

    I have studied meditation, herbs and holistic healing for over 20 years, focusing on healing the mind and body naturally. As a detox specialist for 7 years, I believe that true health and beauty starts from the inside. I also have a degree in psychology and have always felt my purpose in life is to help people feel better. — Sharon Verburg

  • Kathy Hollebreck - image


    • Spa Specialist: From Grand Rapids (with 5 years exprience)

    • Boutique Clothing: You've seen Kathy at shows around the area.

    I have been in the boutique and clothing business for many years. I met Marilyn and we created a nice partnership with her Ionic Detox Foot Spas and my Boutique clothing. We were often together at various arts and women’s events around Grand Rapids. It made sense for me to have a small boutique in her Day Spa. Once I was introduced to the ion cleanse was hooked. I became an Ionic Detox Specialist and have worked with Marilyn for a number of years. –Kathy Hollbeck

  • Beth Vander Schuur - image


    • Licensed Massage Therapist - LMT: From Grand Rapids with over 15 years of spa experience.

    • Types of Massage:Cranio-Sacral, Shiatsu, Hot Stone and more.

    I feel blessed to have practiced the healing art of massage for over 15 years.  Among its many benefits, I believe that massage provides relief & comfort o the physical body, awareness  & clarity to the mind, and is a soothing, uplifting balm for the Soul. — I enjoy incorporating my skills in the various modalities, i.e. Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Shiatsu, La Stone Hot Stone Massage, Myofascial Release, Scar Release, Swedish and Relaxation, to tailor each session to address the client’s individual health concerns.  I am also honored to provide Fertility, Pregnancy and Post-N