What Are Our Clients Saying?

See what our clients are saying about the benefits they have received from our day spa services at the Ionic Detox For Healthy Living Day Spa in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Read their testimonials and reviews below.

I love this place!
I love this place! I recently relocated to Grand Rapids. And I was so thrilled to find this place. Marilyn provides great service and makes me feel so comfortable. Her prices are reasonable, especially compared to what I am used to. She really knows her clients and knows how to address their needs/ issues. She is a wealth of knowledge on other alternatives. I always leave the spa happy and confident. I am addicted to the sauna blanket and axis plate. I notice that every time I leave the spa, I leave with so much energy. I had put on 10 pounds during holidays and stress of coarse. Not only have I shed the pounds off, most importantly, I lost inches! And now I am hooked and I keep coming back! -Janie S.
My First Facial!
I had my first facial ever. What a great experience! So friendly and relaxing. I will be back to try the detox. -- Janice
Love All The Services!
I recommend the Ionic Foot Detox to anyone who wants to maintain their current health or improve health issues. I am a carcinoid cancer patient with metastasis to the liver. After weekly detoxes for a month my bloodwork was within normal ranges and the Doctors no longer noticed the swelling and bloating normally on my stomach. With the Sauna Blanket I lost 2 inches off my waist after 3 days! -- April May
Helped my Fibromyalgia
I was diagnosed with chronic fibro-myalgia by my DO. He prescribed an ionic detox to see if that would help. After several treatments, I have better breathing, less pain and an over all better quality of life. -- Kathy S.
Best Results Ever!
I really enjoyed the sauna blanket treatment. It really takes the inches off and with the foot detox together, wow! You can really see your results. I recommend the foot detox, body wrap and sauna blanket treatments. Get all three together for the best results ever. I feel great. Thanks Marilyn -- Emily Bolton
My Weight Loss Story
Hi, My name is Peggy, and I would like to recommend the sauna blanket to anyone who is struggling with weight loss. I started my sauna blanket treatments on 4/12/2013. At that treatment I weighed 231 pounds. The very next day I was down 2 pounds. Needless to say on 8/1/2013, after completing a total of 7 out of 8 blanket treatments, I weigh 178 pounds. The only thing I have changed in my diet is cutting back on starches and increased protein, with very minimal exercise. I am not saying not to exercise but even though I did very little, I still had wonderful results. -- Peggy Tinsley
Love The Detox
I reckon I'll call myself a detox addict. I felt the difference in my body after my first detox. I felt like Ali in the 5th. I felt light on my feet and energized. The foot massage at the end is the grand finale. I'm hooked! -- Andre
Results Will Amaze You!
Detox for Healthy Living has been such a great transition from my every day, blah, yucky, unsatisfying results with over the counter products/chemicals, I decided to reach out for a facial/makeover, something... and then I found Marilyn at Detox for Healthy Living.. My skin is better than it has ever been! The texture is soft, the firmness is firm, wrinkles have scaled-down immensely as well. Detox has helped my digestive system work properly, meaning it's normal.... I don't have colds, aches, pains, nothing like that. I have been going to Detox for Healthy Living for over three years now, and I am amazed how beautiful my skin has emerged back to beautiful. I started with the neck wraps and red lights, and ventured with Marilyn onto the hydrating face peel and lastly the micro current. My neck, jaw bones, eye sockets etc... were so saggy that my face would just wiggle with embarrassment and I looked sad all the time. I recently lost 20 lbs because of a healthy lifestyle change and my skin made me look like I should be a lot older than 45. While visiting Marilyn and having all this done, I have found that the little bit of money that I pay for services is nothing to what I have paid over the counter for stuff that does not work. I use little make up to enhance my shapely eyes now that I can see the make up that is on my lids not hidden under them. I will continue to see Marilyn for services, as my husband and I get Ionic detox treatments regularly, which helps with his asthma, psoriasis, eczema, along with cleansing the system tremendously. Detox has taken away three small moles on my body that I have had for at least seven years, that I know of.. The body-wraps have tightened all the loose skin that I couldn't get tightened after losing weight, and The Cores have made my muffin top disappear! My Husband has eczema and asthma, with regular detox visits he breathes 99% better and eczema is not even visible! He lost almost 2 sizes from the body-blanket. Detox for healthy living is safe for you and can only benefit you. You must come in to experience the results, you will be amazed and you will come back for more :-) -- Tracey Brown
It's a Blessing
Hi, my name is Jackie and I have been doing the detox for 3 to 4 weeks now. When a friend of mine told me about it, I didn't believe him. So I decided to find out for myself. I had been having so much pain with my right ankle swelling; taking pain pills, and trying to do anything to alleviate the pain. I sprained my ankle twice and since it did not heal properly the doctors told me that I would need surgery. Well that was in 2004 and I have endured the pain up until now. Since I have been coming to Marilyn for my detox treatments, I have had no swellings, have not been taking any pain medications, my shoes are slipping off my feet (due to me getting a bigger size from the swelling in the past) and I do not have to put my foot up on mountains of pillows anymore. This is something that I would recommend to anyone. If it wasn't me, I would not believe it. This is a blessed person to do this for people. Thank you Marilyn, you are an ankle saver. Regards, Jackie Edwards
Helped my Diabetes
I had an A1C test completed about a month ago, which read 6.6 (diabetes). My doctor gave me three weeks to make changes. I drink Bragg vinegar water, green tea smoothies and have the ionic detox weekly. My last A1C read 5.7. I am not diabetic, my BP had dropped to normal range. My doctor told me to continue doing what I'm doing. After the ionic detox foot spa bath I feel rejuvenated, invigorated and full of energy. Regards, Dawn Davies
Helped Hepatitis!
After an Ionic Detox session with Marilyn my labs showed that my Hepatitis A & B had gone away. -- Ginny Townsend
I was Stunned!
I was stunned by my results! The facial and neck treatments were so successful, that I came right back for an Egyptian Body wrap. Amazing results. Marilyn is phenomenal!
Lots of Energy
I was tired all the time; no energy. Couldn't walk up and down stairs. After taking the detox treatments I feel like a new person. I have so much energy; not as tired. I am doing much better with stairs. I am very happy with the results. -- Peggy Murphy
Holistic Treatment
I am a 76 year old make who comes to Michigan to visit relatives. Marilyn is in my regular schedule for foot detox. My whole system is re-energized after a visit. I highly recommended the Ionic Detox Spa foot bath for holistic treatment. -- Renee Barczak
Love It!
Love it! At 63 I'm finding that detox puts a smile on my face - because I just feel better. I have more energy and less body and joint discomfort on a daily basis. AND my facials and body work make me feel like I have a younger face and skin for that smile. I love sharing Marylin and Ionic Detox with my family and friends. It's a blessing. -- Carla C.
Less Joint Pain!
In August my 86 year old Dad had a rapid onsite gout in his foot. I got him to try the Ionic Detox and he's a believer. Less joint pain and more energy put a smile on his face and spring in his steps after only 2 visits. Because he lives 2 hours away, he decided to purchase an Ionic Detox Machine and is excited to continue working towards overall better health. -- Carla C.