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We are moving to a new location on Plainfield Avenue. The last appointments at our current location, for detox customers, will be January 30th. We are very excited for you to see the all new Spa!

Having too fun with the wonderful warm weather?  Remove all the toxins and  Rejuvenate your body with this month's special!

One Ionic Detox Session for only $25.00!!!!!

Remember how wonderful you felt the last time you walked on the beach? Now you can experience that same feeling of rejuvenation by putting your feet in contact with the ions being generated in the water by the Ionic Total Body Detox Energy Spa.

Marilyn Heeringa has been pampering people for years as health care giver and as the owner and innkeeper of an elegant bed and breakfast. Now she is focusing on helping her clients to detox their bodies today for a healthier tomorrow. Please give her a call today for an appointment. You can learn more about this unique ionic detox process, also known as electrolysis, that Detox for Healthy Living is using: The Total Body Detox, from Head to Toe Wellness as seen on WZZM 13's Take Five.


Ionic Detox foot Bath - imageEach session takes about 1 hour.  The ionic detox array goes into the tray of water with the your feet, and the power supply delivers a small amount of direct current into the array, which causes the metals within it, in combination with water, and salt, to generate positively and negatively charged ions. After your ion cleansing, you will enjoy having your feet gently dried and massaged while a soothing moisturizing lotion is applied. Next your feet are placed on a foot massager for 10 minutes. The foot massager is a nice final bit of pampering while you drink are given vitamins and minerals in a bottle of purified drinking water to refresh and re-hydrate your body.
Read more about the ionic cleansing process, including a chart used to interpret the water color after the detox process by visiting the Ionic Detox Process Page or view the water interpretation chart in a new window by clicking here. Find out how you can purchase an Ionic Detox Foot Spa - click here.


Body wraps are used to remove cellulite and toxins from your body. It is a 1 1/2 hour procedure. First the skin receives a dry brushing. The dry brush is used over the whole body.

Next a miracle gel for cellulite is applied. All of the wraps are soaked in an aloe vera herbal formula. The formula is pure aloe vera and seaweed and designed to detoxify the body and treat the cellulite. Aloe Vera has been used over time for cleansing and detoxifying the body of impurities.  Aloe Vera has also been used for centuries to heal burns as the allantoin found in the aloe vera plant is a natural healer.

Then body is wrapped and you body suit that retains your heat and fluid. Afterwards you are unwrapped and more gel is applied followed by, hydrating by drinking lots of water.

Read testimonials from clients of Detox for Healthy living by clicking here. You can also hear what Marilyn has to say about her experiences and her passion for helping people on the Testimonial Page


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Please Call Marilyn for appointments. Marilyn prefers to speak with her clients by phone rather than by email. Thank you!

Please give her a call at: 616-363-9113

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Ionic Detox & Spa Services
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February 1st, 2015

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Services at our Spa:

Red Light Sauna Blanket

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Ionic Detox Machines For Sale



MIcro Current Treatments are known as the non-surgical facelift! Microcurrent help skin scare specialists tone and firm the skin. It can aid in diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle by improving the texture of the skin. Small, gentle electrical stimulation triggers the bodies natural skin enhancement chemicals at cellular level. Typical results by our clients are that they notice they look years younger.


What is FIR? It is short for FIR Infrared Radiation which is a safe, comfortable way to boost our bodies healing responses and reduces inflammation.. It also boosts our metabolic process which can aid in weight loss while at the same time. FIR Infrared treatments are popular with the holistic communities to promote relaxation, healing and a feeling of well being. See Marilyn to learn more about how you can burn 600 calories an hour!


Marilyn Heeringa

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The Pyramids of Egypt fascinated Marilyn on this trip as they have many who are curious about the healing properties attributed their shape. If you ask her about her travels you will hear many interesting stories






































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